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National Guard Careers

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Who Is The Army National Guard Anyway?

National Guard careers are a unique part of the United States military. Just like every other force in the US Military, the Guard can be called upon to deploy around the world to defend the United States. However, the National Guard is also responsible for the domestic security of the United States. The Guard utilizes all the equipment that the Active Army uses. Guardsmen operate tanks, assault vehicles, artillery, helicopters, missile systems, and heavy-duty equipment. Every career in the National Guard requires superb training to possess the knowledge and skill to operate these technologically advanced machines.

National Guard units are maintained in each state, and can be ordered by state governors to respond to natural disasters, riots, or other disturbances that arise in that state. State Guard units can also be mobilized by the president to deploy worldwide in the event of a global crisis. Want to see what US Military programs are available right now?
A Tradition of Honor:

The National Guard upholds a tradition that has been honored since 1636 and the establishment of the American colonies. It was at that time that the first militia unit was formed to protect the colonies from any domestic threats. Militia units from the various colonies served alongside the regular army in famous battles during every war in America’s early history. Following the Militia Act of 1903, such militia forces were formally organized into the United States National Guard. Since then, units of the National Guard have served in every war in which the United States has been involved.

Today, the National Guard is organized at the state level of government, which is why it is such a unique branch of the military. National Guardsmen and women can be called to service by state governors in response to a wide array of emergencies, such as natural disasters or other public disturbances. However, in times of war when the integrity of the nation is at crisis, the President of the United States can, at the approval of the state governor, mobilize National Guard units for international deployment. Once this occurs, these units are mobilized as part of the National Guard of the United States.

“Two days a month, two weeks a year.”:

National Guard careers are unique because it allows you to proudly serve your country while at the same time maintaining your civilian career. When you are not actively deployed, your only service requirement is drilling one weekend per month with your unit and spending two weeks (usually during the summer) at a training exercise. Most business employers are very cooperative in regards to working around your drill schedule, making it easy for you to fulfill your roles as a citizen and a soldier. In fact, it’s just as easy to continue your education while serving in the National Guard. As long as you are a full-time student, the National Guard will not deploy you beyond the weekend and summer drill requirements. The National Guard even provides scholarships and up to 100% tuition assistance in order to promote your education.
Army National Guard Basic Training:

Recruits begin their career in the Army National Guard with the physically and mentally challenging Basic Training. This nine week process consists of three phases, each putting recruits through unique trials that they must surpass in order to become an effective soldier.

After going through the initial training process, being a Guardsman is only a part-time commitment. In order to stay focused on the skills that are required in the National Guard, Guardsmen train for one weekend per month. Additionally, a two-week period of training is required, usually during the summer months. The small amount of time required in the National Guard allows Guardsmen to pursue civilian careers and live in their local community.

To further your career in the Army National Guard, a variety of educational opportunities are available. It is possible to receive up to 100% tuition assistance for college. The Montgomery GI Bill also assists Guardsmen seeking a college education. Other forms of financial assistance are also available depending on your status in the Guard.

The Army National Guard is the gateway to a higher standard of living while serving your country at home and abroad. With endless opportunities for National Guard careers, Guardsmen gain valuable skills that will help them achieve their goals in life.

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