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Navy Careers

Options & Opportunities

US Navy Goes Beyond Just The Seas!

Navy careers and hold great opportunities for interested parties. Around the world, the US Navy and Navy Reserve has ships patrolling the seas. These fleets are always ready for any world crises that may arise. With astonishing technology, the US Navy can deliver a devastating blow to the enemies of the United States. On the other hand, the Navy also runs peacekeeping operations and international disaster relief efforts.

With hundreds of US Navy careers, there is something for anyone who is considering enlisting. Recruits can pursue Navy jobs in communications, navigation, electronics, submarine warfare, radar tracking, or any of the other specialties found in the US Navy. Even though the Navy’s ultimate mission is to dominate the seas, it branches off into the air as well; naval aviators patrol the skies around their carrier fleet, perform search-and-rescue missions, deliver supplies to the forces spread around the world, engage in anti-submarine warfare, and conduct strikes to subdue threats.

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US Navy Reserve Maybe For You

The US Navy Reserve is a Navy Career option for anyone looking for military experience. It is a part-time commitment that allows sailors to pursue a civilian career and receive military training. Being in the Navy Reserve does not mean that you are not trained as well; reservists are still top-notch sailors who undergo training just as intense as active duty sailors.

Education is important in the US Navy and Navy Reserve, and many educational benefits are available for sailors. Whether sailors choose to take an on-base course or study on a campus, the Navy strives to get them the best education possible. Want to see if you qualify for the Reserve?

The core values of the US Navy are honor, courage, and commitment. Sailors in the US Navy grow strong in these values among others. Navy careers can help you gain an experience that will change a sailor for the rest of his or her life.

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