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BIO – Lt Col (Dr.) Scott A. Ostrow retired from the Air Force in September 2005 and has been teaching Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) at Dublin High School since August of 2006. He was born in Brooklyn New York where he attended P.S. 224. After moving to Long Island he graduated from Copiague High School. After high school he enlisted in the Navy and served as a Poseidon Missile Technician and then as a recruiter. While serving in Charleston, SC, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, from Baptist College at Charleston in 1984. In 1986, after completing Officer Training School, he was commissioned as a 2Lt in the Air Force where he served as a Minuteman III Launch Control Officer, and also served in recruiting before becoming a Medical Service Corps Officer. He served in various assignments in Minot ND, RAF Upper Heyford, UK, McGuire AFB, NJ, and Robins AFB, GA. Lt Col Ostrow has also had deployments to Turkey (1990-1991) and Balad Iraq (2004). He earned his Masters of Public Administration degree in 1990 and his Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership in 2012. He is also a graduate of the Air Force Air Command and Staff College, as well as Air War College. Lt Col Ostrow is the author of Guide to Joining the Military, and has worked on several military test prep books. He has been married to his wife Barbara (Susie) since 1981. They have six children, two of whom currently serve in the Air Force.

Articles By Scott Ostrow
Preparing for the Military by Succeeding in the Classroom
If you’re a high school senior or junior and you are thinking of joining, or have decided to join, the military, it is just as important that you prepare yourself as it is for your friends who are preparing to apply for college. This short article will help you get on the right path to achieve your goals of getting into the military and to prepare you for the day you finally go off to basic training.

Must Read: The Truth About The ASVAB Test
Because it is an aptitude test, in theory, the ASVAB should measure your current knowledge as well as your aptitude for learning subjects such as mechanics and electronics. However, in reality, studying for the ASVAB will increase your scores in all areas of the exam and, therefore, open up more military career opportunities for you.

Congratulations Recent Graduates!
It’s that time of the year again, thousands of high school seniors turning into high school graduates. This is both an exciting and anxious time for those young adults ready to leave their mark on the world. While many have had to make the tough choices about where they will go from here; perhaps having to choose from a number of colleges, still others may have known where they were going after high school for some time.

Must Read: The Truth About The ASVAB Test Prep From The Man Who Wrote The Book
Written By Scott Ostrow For If you’ve decided to join the military, or are at least seriously considering it, you’ve no doubt thought about the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or as it’s better known, the ASVAB exam. You may have already taken the exam in high school, or you may have been given […]

Want to Join The Military? Taking Advice from an Old Guy!
Generally, I would say that taking advice from someone who has a wealth of knowledge and experience is a good thing. If you want to know about the problem you are having with your car, seek out an experienced mechanic, if you are having problems in your relationship ask someone who’s been there. So, when […]

Military Away From Home For the Holidays
Serving your country sometimes means being separated from your family during the holidays. Having served a combined 27 years in the military meant that over the years I missed a few holidays and special occasions. I always found it somewhat ironic that those entrusted with protecting our religious freedoms often have to spend their holidays […]

Getting a College Education in the Military
By Dr. Scott A. Ostrow (Lt Col, USAF, Retired) One of the many attractive benefits the military has to offer is providing financial help with college tuition. But is it really possible to earn a college degree while serving in the military? The answer is yes, but you’ve got to really want it! Many years […]