The Navy SEALS

The Navy SEALS

For more than forty years, members of the Navy SEALS have accomplished many missions on behalf of the United States. These well trained experts in unconventional warfare are able to succeed in any area of the battlefield. Although members of the Navy, SEAL team members are knowledgeable with every terrain that can possibly stand between them and their goals. Navy SEAL teams are small and use expert stealth tactics to quickly subdue any opposition they meet. Their deadly ability to strike from the ocean gives them a powerful unique edge over any other force. They are masters at antiterrorism, drug interdiction, and any task that requires the discipline and skill that only a Navy SEAL possesses. Check out military careers right here.

The Navy SEAL Training. BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training).

Navy SEAL training is commonly referred to as the most challenging training program in the world. BUD/S, or Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL, is the six-month training program that shapes potential SEALs into hardened warriors. The first phase of SEAL training focuses on the physical demands of being a Special Operations warrior. Instructors exploit recruits’ weaknesses and push them to exceed their limits. This phase includes the infamous “Hell Week,” in which recruits experience the most physically demanding challenges that they will ever experience. Throughout the entire week, trainees are only granted a few hours of sleep. The second phase of SEAL training instructs recruits on underwater operations. They accumulate important skills that they will need for diving. The third phase of the BUD/S program focuses on land warfare skills that SEALs will need to successfully operate as a unit.

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

After successfully completing the hardest, most exhilarating training in the world, you receive orders to one of the elite U.S. Navy SEAL units stationed in San Diego or Virginia Beach. You will fulfill your new assignment as a member of the most established Special Operations force worldwide.

As Though Being A Navy SEAL Was Not Enough

Navy SEALs receive all the benefits that Navy personnel are entitled to. These benefits include health coverage, affordable life insurance policies, several ways to pay for education, and over four weeks of paid vacation every year! Check out military jobs now available for you!

To pursue a career as a US Navy SEAL, you must meet all the requirements of joining the Navy: hold US citizenship, have no more than two dependent minors, be a high school graduate (or meet equivalency standards).

The Navy’s age regulation is 17-34 to enlist, but you must be 28 years or less to apply for BUD/S training. Additionally, you must have correctable 20/20 vision. If you meet all these standards, then nothing is holding you back from pursuing a prestigious career as an elite U.S. Navy SEAL.

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