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Army jobs are more than just jobs – Each position is part of a larger mission: To protect the liberties and freedoms of the American people. There are many sectors in which soldiers can choose to create successful careers for themselves, no matter what interests they have.

Regardless Of Your Background Or Skills, We’ve Got A Job For You

Soldiers in the armed forces aren’t limited to basic careers – There are hundreds of highly rewarding career opportunities that greatly impact a soldier’s future. These specialized Army jobs are available to enlisted soldiers based upon their interests, skills and experience. Don’t waste another minute, Get your free Army Jobs info here.

Careers in Administrative Support
Administrative positions in the Army vary greatly and include everything from clerical jobs to supply specialists, financial analysts to human resources directors – and much more. Administrative support teams are responsible for keeping their department running seamlessly and are considered to be the upholding force behind day-to-day operations.

Intelligence Specialist Jobs and Combat Force Support
Intelligence specialist and combat support positions are Army jobs that are designed to directly aide those who are in combat. These positions can include food service jobs, field crewmembers, intelligence analysts and translators, just to name a few.

Career Opportunities in Arts and Media
There are scores of employment opportunities for those who thrive on creativity. By choosing one of the many Army careers in the arts and media sector of the Army, individuals can utilize their creative side by joining a team of journalists, performers or graphic designers who are responsible for providing everything from news stories to concerts.

Army Jobs to Serve and Protect the People
For those who have the desire to serve and protect their community, there are many Army jobs available that allow these individuals to thrive. Security specialists, military police and firefighters are all directly responsible for the safety and security of their fellow soldiers and military property. In addition to jobs that directly protect members and property of the armed forces, individuals can also opt for a career in the legal division of the Army by serving as a paralegal specialist or an attorney to protect the rights of other members of the armed forces and serve the justice system.

Careers in Direct Combat
Combat careers are a great employment choice for those who wish to work on the field in combat situations. These careers are reserved exclusively for men and require male soldiers to bravely serve as a crewmember or leader in surveillance operations, ground missions and more. Combat careers can also allow soldiers to become sole operators of weapons and defense systems.

Career Opportunities for Mechanics
There are many employment positions available for skilled mechanics. Whether a soldier is interested in maintaining and servicing vehicles, equipment or machinery, there are many mechanic jobs that are a great choice for those who have the skill and knowledge to successfully keep heavy machinery in working condition.

Advanced Technological Careers
With technology changing the way the world operates, it’s more important than ever for members of the armed forces to have a thorough understanding of how technological advances have shaped the way the Army operates This is why soldiers who have the interest in computer sciences and information technology have the ability to create lucrative careers for themselves – Everything from deciphering foreign communications, analyzing tactical intelligence and maintaining computer systems depends on those who possess the knowledge and ability to effectively perform these job functions.

Careers in the Medical Field
Pursuing a career in the medical field can be challenging, but when soldiers choose to follow career opportunities while enlisted in the armed forces, their chances of successfully landing the careers they dream of are far more likely to become a reality. Whether a soldier is looking for a clerical job in the medical field, or they wish to become a mental health specialist, there are plenty of career opportunities for medical personnel who specialize in many different areas of healthcare.

Construction Jobs
When it comes to construction in the Army, jobs can range from crewmembers and specialists, to supervisors and engineers. Besides just constructing new buildings and facilities on Army property, construction jobs can also include building essential structures in combat zones.

Employment Opportunities in Transportation
The Army is responsible for sending soldiers around the world, and transportation is an important aspect of the armed forces. This is why jobs in transportation offer soldiers steady employment and meaningful careers. Transportation jobs allow soldiers to work on a variety of devices, including planes, trains, trucks and more.

Get An Education And Take Your Army Career To The Next Level

There are many entry-level Army jobs and positions available. Jobs that don’t require specialized skills or higher education do exist, but many members of the armed forces are taking advantage of the opportunity to further their education by enrolling in classes at a college or university to acquire the skills, knowledge and expertise required to maintain one of the many high paying, lucrative Army jobs available.

Being a soldier in the armed forces allows many individuals to attain a college education. There are hundreds of scholarships, grants and bonuses available for enlisted soldiers during their time of service to pay for college or university courses. In addition to benefitting enlisted soldiers, there are many ROTC programs available for reservists, as well as veteran college options for retired members of the Army. Soldiers, whether part time, full time or retired, can greatly benefit from the programs and options that are available to help them further their education.

And If Education And Career Opportunities Weren’t Enough…

There are many benefits available to members of the armed forces who choose to further their education and follow career opportunities that place them in high-ranking Army jobs. The benefits that are bestowed upon soldiers are done so for life – With compensation packages that benefit individuals immediately, long term and indefinitely. Some of the many benefits that come with being enlisted in the armed forces include:

• Salary from Army Jobs
• Housing Assistance
• Food Allowances
• Special Duty and Skill Compensation
• Military Pay
• Tax Exempt Allowances
• Health Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Vacation Pay
• Access to a Credit Union
• Retirement and Savings Plans
• Employment Assistance

Being a member of the armed forces comes with many benefits that most civilians do not have access to. Those who choose to serve, protect and fight for the freedom and safety of their country are rewarded for their bravery with comprehensive benefits that help them to achieve their goals, attain lucrative careers, earn higher military pay and receive compensation packages. Request information about Army jobs today.