US Marine Corps Jobs – Enlisted Occupations

US Marine Corps Jobs

The Marines: Jobs For The Confident, Courageous And Committed!

When it comes to the Marines corps jobs are more than just jobs: Each position makes a difference in the safety and success of your brothers during their missions. If you believe you have what it takes to become a Marine, then the armed forces have plenty of employment opportunities available to you during your time of service.

No Matter What Your Goals Are, There Are Career Opportunities in the Marines for You!

Whether you’re looking for careers that offer on the job training, basic skill jobs or career opportunities that can last a lifetime, there are more than enough opportunities for you to in the Marines. Marine Corps Jobs that you may be performing after enlisting can be based upon your skills, interests and level of education.

Careers in Combat
Combat specialists cover a wide range of duties, and these often include fighting on the front lines during times of war and crisis. Jobs in field artillery, infantry and armored defense all fall into this category. If you have the confidence and courage to put yourself out in front of your brothers, a career as a combat specialist may be right for you.

Career Opportunities for Mechanics
Mechanics are in high demand in the Marines. Jobs that put mechanics skills to the test include specialists in maintenance and transport. If you’re a fast learner, work well with your hands and take pride in your work, there are many careers that allow you to perform maintenance, repairs and modifications to equipment and vehicles used by the armed forces. Careers in Electronics

The Marines depend on technological machinery to perform a number of tasks, and it’s up to electronics specialists to ensure that each piece of equipment is working to the best of its ability. If you’re interested in electronics, technology or telecommunication, you can be one of the many Marines responsible for installing, inspecting, maintaining and repairing the equipment that the Marines depend on for successfully completing each mission. Administrative Careers

Administration is a very important function in the Marines. Jobs that include bookkeeping, accounting, office support and other business related duties are all an essential part of keeping this branch of the armed forces functioning. If you have strong organizational skills, the ability meet deadlines and a desire to keep daily life flowing smoothly, there are plenty of career opportunities available for you in administration.

Careers in Law Enforcement
Military police are responsible for keeping order wherever they are stationed. This includes enforcing orders and guarding prisoners of war. Military police careers are a great fit for those who are physically fit and athletic, have a strong sense of justice and high regards for the law.

Career Opportunities in the Media
The Marine Corp have a media sector all their own where Marines perform public relations, broadcast and journalistic duties. If you have the ability to clearly and concisely convey information, enjoy working with others and enjoy creative control, there are many career opportunities in the media industry available for you.

Employment Opportunities in Logistics
Logistics make the daily operations of the Marine Corp go ’round, and it takes a team of people who are dedicated to the daily functions of the armed forces to successfully ensure that there are enough supplies and transportation available at all times. If you thrive on organization and supervision, one of the careers in the logistics sectors may be the best fit for you.

Career Opportunities in Technical Support
There are many other Marine Corps Jobs available for those who choose to specialize in specific fields. These jobs can include air traffic controllers, flight crew-members, data systems operators, intelligence specialists and biological laboratory workers – just to name a few. These jobs are a great start to any career in the Marine Corp.

Take Advantage Of Continuing Education And Make More Money!

If you’re interested in moving beyond entry level positions, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to take advantage of the continuing education opportunities available to you through the Marines. These Marine Corps Jobs require you to have a degree and offer higher military pay.

One of the most enticing benefits available to Marines is the ability to enroll in the college or university of their choice without having to worry about the financial aspects of higher education. Being a Marine allows you to further your education through grants and scholarships, which means you won’t have to pay for tuition or materials. Active Marines aren’t the only ones who benefit from education opportunities – Veterans and Reserves both have access to highly beneficial education programs. Retired Marines are given many veteran college options after their time of service is complete, and Reserves have the option to enroll in ROTC courses at a college or university. No matter what your status is in the Marines, there are many opportunities available for attaining a first class education.

The Marines Offer Benefits That Are Second To None!

Whether you choose to further your education, seek employment or a little of both, there are still many more benefits available to you during and after your time of service, including:

• Generous salaries
• Housing assistance
• Paid basic living expenses
• Financial compensation for special duties
• Tax exempt allowances
• Low or no cost health, vision, dental and life insurance
• Leave time
• Financial opportunities including retirement plans and access to a credit union
• Veteran college options and employment assistance for retirees

Being a Marine is an honor and a privilege, and those who choose to enlist are rewarded with many benefits and incentives for their time and effort! Request more information about Marine Corps jobs and educational opportunities today!