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When people think about the Navy, images of sailors at sea are often envisioned. While the Navy does offer many opportunities to travel the open seas, there are also many Navy jobs that take sailors and officers around the world. There are literally hundreds of career opportunities in the Navy, and this means that no matter what your interests are, there are careers that are right for you!

Find Navy Jobs That Speak To YOU: Match Your Interests With Our Needs!

No matter what type of jobs you’re interested in, we have career opportunities that suit everyone. All you have to do is decide what you want to do with your life and get ready to make a difference – For yourself, your family, your future and your country!

Careers in the Arts

If you’re passion is rooted in creativity, a career in the arts is a great way to showcase your creative talents. Navy jobs that seek qualified creative candidates include web designers, illustrators, musicians, photographers, writers, videographers and more.

Career Opportunities in the Education Field

If you have strong communication skills and a thorough understanding of specialized subjects, a career in education can be a great way to utilize your talents.

Jobs in the Media Industry

There are many jobs in the media industry that even newly enlisted sailors can obtain. These positions include writers, editors, producers and equipment managers.

Employment Opportunities for Language Translators

The Navy depends on translators to decipher information that is received from foreign countries, and having the ability to translate information makes you in high demand. Navy jobs in translation do not require college degrees, but if you want to obtain a major in a second or third language, the Navy offers many education courses to help you achieve your goal.

Careers for Engineers

The Navy is always expanding and they need experienced engineers to help them do so. Whether you’re interested in drafting construction plans, overseeing contracts and projects or supervising large crews of workers, there are plenty of Navy jobs that allow you to use your expertise in expanding the Navy’s reach around the globe.

Construction Jobs

Construction jobs in the Navy are unlike any other you may have worked before. Whether you’re assisting engineers, operating heavy machinery or installing new materials, construction jobs in the Navy will have you utilizing your skills and abilities for the greater good of the armed forces.

Jobs in the Electronic and Mechanical Industry

Electronics and mechanical specialists are in high demand in the Navy. If you choose to pursue a career in one of these industries, you will be responsible for setting up, maintaining and repairing technological systems and machinery. If you’re a hands-on worker and learn from experience, these jobs are a great fit for you.

Careers to Serve and Protect

The Navy employs hundreds of sailors who have the desire to serve and protect. These jobs include emergency workers, fire fighters, rescue crew member, law enforcer and security specialist.

Navy Jobs in Aviation

The Navy is known for its dedication to excellence in aviation. Naval aviation depends on highly dedicated teams of sailors and officers to successfully complete each mission: Whether you are interested in flying as an aviator, guiding aircraft through special operations or supporting flights through maintenance and safety inspections, there are plenty of Navy jobs in the aviation field available.

Healthcare Careers

Many healthcare providers choose to enlist in the Navy as a way to show their dedication and support of those who are in the armed forces. These healthcare professionals include physicians, nurses, dentists and more. In addition to providing medical care for those in the armed forces, there are plenty of career opportunities for those who wish to work in administration, research and labs.

Special Operations Navy Jobs

Special operations and warfare is the sector of the Navy that takes the bravest sailors and puts their skill, power, speed, intelligence and courage to the test. Members of special operations and warfare teams are tasked with undertaking dangerous missions that involve everything from capturing high profile targets to saving lives in extreme situations.

Career Opportunities in Administration, Accounting, Business and Law

The Navy isn’t just about high-tech jobs and special missions: There are many career opportunities in the Navy to perform essential office functions. If you have a knack for organization, the desire to work behind the scenes and thrive on keeping tasks on schedule, a career in administration, accounting, business or law may be a great place to establish yourself in the Navy.

Attain Higher Education And Make More Money!

If you’re interested in taking advantage of Navy career opportunities, one of the best ways to attain one of the highly sought after, well paying careers is to further your education by enrolling in a college or university. The Navy offers many education benefits to enlisted, retired and reserve sailors to ensure that they have the best chance of success in their future.

Members of the armed forces have the opportunity to attain a higher education through grants, scholarships and paid education costs. In addition to enlisted member benefits, retired sailors can take advantage of the many veteran college options available through special programs, and reservists can apply for financial aid through ROTC programs offered at the college or university of their choice.

Check Out The Benefits YOU Are Entitled To In The Navy!

Besides the education opportunities and access to jobs around the world, enlisted sailors can also benefit from an array of services that are available to members of the armed forces. Some of the benefits you will be entitled to after enlisting in the Navy include:

  • Military pay from salaries, bonuses and specialized missions
  • Housing assistance to offset relocation costs
  • Tax Exempt Allowances such as housing, food and more
  • Medical, dental, vision and life insurance
  • Paid vacation
  • Financial services such as credit union membership, retirement plans and savings assistance
  • Employment assistance for active, reserve and retired members

The US Military believes in taking care of their own, and those who choose to serve and protect for the greater good of their country are rewarded with many lucrative benefits that most people could only dream of. Request more information today about Navy jobs and educational opportunities.